Ductless Air Conditioning

Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to add comfortable air conditioning or heating to your home?

Or maybe you are finally tired of that noisy, expensive and uncomfortable electric baseboard heating system, and also desire cooling in your home. Well, it is the 21st century, and we are happy to bring high-efficiency, affordable and comfortable ductless mini splits to the market to free you from being trapped in an uncomfortable home.

You can struggle with window mounted air conditioners which can often be noisy and inconsistent in their cooling duties or opt for a portable air conditioner that has a limited cooling area.These methods are not often ideal and can be frustrating when you just want to catch a break from the heat.

Compared to central air units or window mounted air conditioners, ductless systems are significantly more energy efficient than others.

Like any air conditioning system, ductless units should always be properly maintained by a professional. The air filters and coils should be free of dust, dirt or debris in order for the system to keep working properly for years to come. Should this type of maintenance be neglected, your system may start to perform poorly and lose the capacity to provide cool air throughout your home.

Now’s the time to expand the comfort of your home, whether you are looking to add cooling to that one room in your home that is always warm, building an addition to your home and want an affordable, efficient way to condition the space, and you are looking to get rid of those terrible electric baseboards.  Whatever your need, Airland technicians will craft a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations and improves your quality of life!

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